Government Institutions Services
At Tabadul, we offer a range of services to public institutions to aid in secure payment processing.
Bills Collection Solutions
Tabadul provides a range of electronic payment solutions, including mobile applications, POS terminals, and ATMs, which offer several benefits for government institutions to collect payments electronically. These benefits include:

1. Faster processing: Digital transactions can be processed much faster than traditional payment methods, reducing payment processing times and enabling quicker receipt of funds.

2. Improved accuracy: Electronic payment systems reduce the risk of human error associated with manual data entry, ensuring that payments are processed accurately.

3. Increased convenience: Digital payment methods provide a convenient and accessible way to make payments from anywhere, at any time, without having to physically visit a payment center.

4. Enhanced security: Electronic payment systems offer enhanced security features that protect sensitive payment information and reduce the risk of fraud or theft.

By utilizing Tabadul's electronic payment solutions, government institutions can improve their payment processing capabilities and provide a more streamlined, convenient, and secure payment experience for their customers.
Prepaid Cards for Government Institutions
Tabadul's Government Payment Card service provides a hassle-free way for government institutions to handle payments. Our dual-interface prepaid cards comply with the technical standards of EMV payment methods and support NFC technology. We offer card personalization and our cards are part of the worldwide network of international schemes such as Visa and MasterCard, making them globally accepted.

Using our Government Payment Card service, government institutions can streamline payments and reduce administrative costs. With secure, fast, and convenient payment options, our cards can increase financial efficiency and enhance user experience.
Online Payment and Billing Solutions
Tabadul offers a comprehensive payment and billing solution for government institutions, including a secure and reliable online payment gateway that enables the acceptance of Visa and Mastercard payment cards. Additionally, our electronic bill presentation and payment system streamlines the billing process by allowing institutions to easily create and process invoices and receive payments over the Internet, eliminating the need for paper-based billing and saving valuable time and resources.