Bank Services
We offer a wide range of solutions that are designed to improve the payment services provided by banks. These solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs and demands of the e-payment sector, using the latest technologies and the highest levels of security. Our solutions include anti-fraud systems and other security measures that are compliant with The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).
Transaction Processing Solutions
Tabadul's Transaction Processing Systems (TPS) offer a reliable and efficient solution for handling routine business transactions. Our TPS ensures data accuracy, availability, and security, providing fast transaction processing and high throughput. With Tabadul's TPS, businesses can streamline their operations and increase their efficiency, whether it's transferring funds between accounts or processing a large volume of transactions.
Agent Banking Application
The Agent Banking Application is designed to provide businesses with convenient and secure access to banking services, especially for those seeking to expand their operations internationally. With this application, users can enjoy features such as 24/7 secure access to the banking environment, extensive account and card management options, flexible money transfer management, and easy access to statement history.
Card Issuing and Management Solutions
Tabadul offers banks a comprehensive card issuing and management solution that streamlines the process of issuing payment cards to their clients. Our solution provides access to the market's best feature portfolio in the international scheme of electronic payment, including pre-paid, debit, and credit cards. With our solution, banks can easily manage and track their card inventory, and monitor the usage and spending patterns of their clients. Our card management platform also includes features such as card blocking, limit management, and real-time transaction monitoring to ensure the security and integrity of card transactions.
ATM Management Services
Tabadul's ATM Management Services are designed to help financial institutions manage and optimize their ATM systems. Our services include ATM command and control, remote management, and cost optimization solutions that reduce operating expenses and minimize system downtime. Our ATM Management Services enable financial institutions to improve the efficiency of their ATM systems, enhance customer experience, and streamline ATM-related processes. Our team of experts ensures that the ATM systems are up and running 24/7.
Dispute Management
Tabadul offers effective solutions to help businesses maintain a satisfactory chargeback ratio, a critical aspect for those dependent on digital transactions. Chargebacks can significantly impact revenue and customer satisfaction, which is why we provide automated dispute handling, real-time transaction monitoring, and fraud prevention measures, among other tools and services. By controlling chargebacks, businesses can minimize financial losses and ensure satisfaction for card issuers and retailers.